Monday, November 28, 2011

Do It Yourself Light Box

Do It Yourself Light Box
What you need:
  1. A used cardboard box (choose the size carefully, or you'll end up creating another bigger light box)
  2. Wide thin papers or white plastic bags (I chose plastic for its durability)
  3. Background paper (the background color is up to you)
  4. Tape
  5. Desk lamp (two or more for better result)
First, create a hole at the sides of the box, and close it with paper or plastic sheet, then hang the background paper from the back-top of the box downward, without any creases. Done!

Hmm.. not to neat eh? XP

You can put lamps at each side of the box as the light source. Two lights are needed to minimize the shadows. But because I've only had one desk lamp, I create another hole at the top of the box, so I can use one light source to the object right from the top.

Turn off your room light when shooting
Another important thing to do before shooting with this simple light box is to set up your white balance. Feel free to experiment with it until you find the best result. Or, you can use image processing programs like Photoshop to refine the results.

 See those shadow? That's why we need two lights. 
And I forgot to set up the WB, so it looked bluish.
 Actual result

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