Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advanced Infrared Photo From the Regular One

Hi. this is next my tutorial for the Advanced IR from a Regular Photo. I hope you guys already read my previous article about Simple IR. At this point, I'm gonna have a new basic photo. Now let's start the tutorial. Almost forgot! I used photoshop CS3 to generate the effects.

1. I'm using this picture. Still the regular one but this one has more trees and green elements in it.
Advanced Infrared Photo From the Regular One
This is the original photo
2. This is what it looks like after applying Simple IR. Remember you have to applied the Simple IR first before continue to Advanced IR.
Make an infrared photo from Photoshop
This is Simple IR
3. Now I begin the advanced lesson. First go to Channel Mixer.
4. Go to  Output Channel Blue. Slide it to these levels. Red=33, Green=33, Blue=34
Steps for making infrared photos
Blue Channel Mixer
5. This is what happened after applying Blue Mixer
How to make infrared photo
Applying Blue Mixer
6. Now let's see if your picture still dark enough or not. If it's a yes maybe you should applying step number 7. If it's not you can skip step 7 and continue to point 8.
7. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E, this will create new flatten layer that include all the effect made before. Changed the blending from Normal to Screen. Adjust your opacity level so it's not to bright.
How to make infrared photo from the regular photo using photoshop
Screening Applied
8. Add the Black and White layer. The main point is adjusting the magenta to the max. You can try adjusting the other sliders.
Advanced Infrared Photo From the Regular One using photoshop
Black and White layer setting
9. Now set the blending of Black and White layer to Luminosity. You can adjust the opacity level.
Make a good infrared photo
Black & White Added
Done! You've just completed timur's tutorial on making infrared picture from the regular one. After doing step number 9 you can add other effects to make it a more artistic picture.

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